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Looking for a nursing bra that is also a maternity bra - and has a flexible sizing to accommodate you as your breasts change? The Bravado original double plus-size nursing bra has the ability to stretch and contract to fit a woman's breasts without becoming too tight if she is engorged. This reduces the risk of mastitis.

This double plus-size maternity/nursing bra has a double fabric side panel in the cup for extra support. We also stock the basic and plus sizes if you require a smaller bra. This double plus-size bra has a sports-style back that provides great upper-middle back support and holds the shoulder straps in place - even when you are nursing! The seam in the cup runs to the side of the nipple. Furthermore, the shoulder straps are adjustable for extra comfort. It has 2 snap enclosures (for extra security) that lie flat under close-fitting clothing, and can be opened and closed with one hand. The cups drop fully away from the breast giving complete skin-to-skin access for the baby, which is recommended by breast feeding advisors.

The fact that the bra has a flexible and versatile sizing scheme means fitting is easier, as the bra will accommodate itself over approximately two sizes. The under elastic has been designed to be wide so that it gives extra support under the breast and it does not ride up or slip. It is machine washable and it is recommended that ordinary powder and detergents are used. However, using dryers is not recommended. The Bravado Original double plus size nursing bra is available in white, black, leopard and blush.

So why choose the Bravado Original nursing bra? It is exceptionally comfortable, and is our best selling nursing bra.
Material:92% cotton 8% spandex
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